Eli Perkins.

May 28, 2014

WWDC 2014 Predictions

I figured I’d put my hat in the ring here.


  • iOS 8

    • Lots of performance polish, a la Snow Leopard
    • UIMotionEffect improvements (full under-the-hood rewrite?)
    • Touch ID APIs
    • Some unifying API to talk with BLE-, WiFi-, etc based devices
    • Tint color becomes über important and defining, even more so than iOS 7
    • Fast, fast, fast and fast
  • OS X.10 aka Huntington (shot in the dark here)

  • iOS ↔ OS X AirDrop
  • Xcode 6

    • Overhaul of Instruments
  • Some sort of new platform for iOS and OS X development with JavaScript roots
  • Apple Beta Program

    • Beta testing of iOS and OS X apps a la Testflight
    • No limit to beta testers (won’t count against developer’s 100 devices)
    • Better crash reporting
  • App Store app and music gifiting
  • MacBook spec bumps across the line, end-of-line for non-Retina MacBooks
  • A very average game demo from some company who has been trying iOS 8
  • Craig Federighi stealing the show as per usual


  • Objective-C 3.0 ^^^Just ^^^to ^^^make ^^^all ^^^the ^^^haters ^^^stop ^^^their ^^^bitching.
  • XPC on iOS (what I really just want is Android-like intents…)
  • Better permissions on iOS
  • Siri API of some sort
  • OS X does away with sandboxing
  • OS X Safari notifications to become just OS X notifications

Eli Perkins

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