Eli Perkins.

Eli Perkins

Written by Eli Perkins, a mobile engineer based in New York City. Say hello on Twitter.

Validating Relay Queries With This One Weird Trick™

22 March, 2019

tl;dr: Use to catch Relay validation errors in CI! I’m a big fan of GraphQL (seriously, ask me about GraphQL). One tool I’ve been…

SE-0117, API Design, and You

19 July, 2016

A lot of conversation has been going around about SE-0117 this week, as the proposal has entered its Active Review stage. The tl;dr on this…

Mocks in Swift via Protocols

01 October, 2015

Testing the nitty gritty dirty innards of a lot of iOS apps has been difficult in the past. A variety of tools and methodologies have been…

WWDC 2014 Predictions

28 May, 2014

I figured I’d put my hat in the ring here. Predictions iOS 8 Lots of performance polish, a la Snow Leopard UIMotionEffect improvements…

Get Off My Lawn

13 February, 2014

There’s been a lot of drama among the iOS community these days relating to a variety of topics. From how Xcode can’t handle my scale, to…

How We Learn

04 February, 2014

He said people who were right a lot of the time were people who often changed their minds. — Jason Fried on Jeff Bezos Tonight, Bill Nye and…